Trends you might have missed about luminescent glass tiles pools

Glass is a very used material in home decoration, buildings, spas and it is even included in the latest swimming pool trends across the world. Glass has been always a key part of humankind and when added to a swimming pool it can help them look more lively and shining. Besides, glass gives a touch of simplicity and luxury at the same time. New trends on glass use are taking into account all the advantages of this material to bring a new and refreshed design to your home.

Take the art to your house

Glass was created long ago and it can be used to give an artistic look to your pool following new and daring designs conceived for creating an aquatic gallery for you to enjoy it at home. In ancient times glass was not as widely used as it is today, due to the time makers had to spend while creating fine and high quality glass. Nowadays, technology and innovation have opened a path for the massive use of this material and new tools have arrived to widen the horizons of glass in terms of utility and beauty. That´s why, adding luminescent glass tiles to your pool will give it a new and modern look.

Luminescent glass tiles to choose

There is a huge amount of luminescent glass tiles you can choose for your pool. The market offers almost any size and shape. You can choose the color you prefer the most as well as the nuances that best suit your particular case. Choosing the right color and shape is essential so your pool can stand out from others and turn into a special attraction when you host any social event at home.

Think of any design and pattern

There are different varieties of designs you can choose. However, the waterline design is one of the most used. This design in particular conceives the pool in such way that its border is stripped, meaning that it gives a gleamy and a tremendous look to the pool when exposed to sunlight or artificial lights at night.

Other designs are possible

You can also use multicolored luminescent glass tiles. Combine hues and color amalgamation, use murals and combine lights and water to give your pool a spectacular look. Another amazing way to increase the beauty of your pool is just by using light colored and dark colored tiles so that you give a glimmering effect to the water.

Something else to remember

A pool is the perfect element to add more value to your house, especially if a new design is used.  No matter how many years pass a pool will always increase your home´s value on the market while being the perfect place for home recreation.

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