Venetian Islands Residence

Foreverpools produces full-scale luxury makeover for each of its clients. The design team believes that with a complete backyard transformation, clients will not just travel outside to enjoy a luxurious swimming pool but rather step into a brand new world every time they open their backdoor.

Scope of work:

The concrete swimming pool needed an upgrade. The owner (a well known Miami landscaping designer) had in mind to create a unique pool to be integrated with amazing views and beautiful landscaping surroundings.

Our main objective was to remodeled this very old pool considering that the surface of the pool was in very bad shape. We removed the existing marcite, we built a long bench and then we installed a new 18’ feet sheer descent creating a dramatic water feature below a comfy wood deck.

Finally we used an anti-slip glass tile as a coping around the pool matching the glass tile inside the pool.