Hibiscus Island Residence

Foreverpools visualizes this swimming pool as the focal point of a greater design goal. Each swimming pool is designed to blend seamlessly into its environment—from a rugged scene of nature’s powerful beauty to a formal setting with pure, polished elegance. Elements such as fluorescent glass tile, tanning ledge areas, new colored LED pool lights and modern water features encompass Foreverpools’ projects with dramatic effects.

Scope of work:

The owners of this waterfront property have four children age 3 to 9 and they wanted to remodel their pool to accommodate these young family members.

After reviewing the different options we realized that the shallow area of the pool was over 4 feet deep, something unacceptable if the children were to safely enjoy the pool.  Foreverpools proposed and built a 20’ ft long x 5’ ft wide tanning ledge area were the kids could play.

We also built a two sets of three rounded steps at both sides of the new area to facilitate the kids’ access to the deeper part of the pool. Additionally, and taking advantage of the 10’ ft. deep end, we were able to install a pool slide offering lots of rushing water for a fun ride.

Finally we installed dark navy blue glass tile and fluorescent glass tiles randomly applied to create a “starry night” effect. The results are truly amazing!!