Curve Vanishing Edge Pools

Vanishing edge pools or “infinity pools” are considered the most challenging water features in the swimming pool industry Foreverpools is very experienced in this type of pool designs and has achieved a excellent track record. These type of pools are becoming trendy among developers and end-users.

Infinity pool construction  is tricky both structurally and hydraulically and the potential errors a pool contractor may make can lead to a variety of problems that are tough to remedy without starting all over again.

The 55’ foot sweeping curve of this infinity pool captures the serenity of a breathtaking scene overlooking the canal below. As water flows from the spa, it does not disturb the calm surface of the pool.

Scope of work:

Infinity swimming pool, hot & cold spa concept & design by Foreverpools’ engineering department. Pool & spas drawings, building, plumbing and finishes included (solid black glass tile, ref. 900) and 4”x 4” inserts of fluorescent glass tile randomly installed.

A number of water features were included in this spectacular pool including an oversize swim out, overflow hot spa and in-house cold spa, sheer descents, colored deck jets, a 10 HP river flow, automation pool & spa control, etc…