Reflecting Pool

Reflecting pools are water features that not only exude a serene and peaceful charm, but also accentuate the best aspects of your home or the canopy surrounding it by acting as a giant mirror!

Modern reflecting pools have come a long way beyond the expansive and excessively large pools that require hefty maintenance and constant attention.

Even contemporary homes that lack any significant backyard space are adopting these fluid additions in order to complement the interior or the entryway.

Scope of work:

Foreverpool initiated the pool concept, design and pool drawings. It then provided building, equipment, plumbing, electrical work and finishes (glass tile, ref. 1052). It also provided decking material (travertine marble 12”x24”).

This was a very challenging perimeter overflows pool with a 1” gutter including a tanning ledge, swim out, bubblers, two heat pumps and a gas heater as a booster.