The next big thing in underwater pool lights

After building your pool and enjoying it during the months or years comes the next step: replacement. There are three things you have to keep in mind when replacing underwater pool lights.

How to buy the right replacement for underwater pool light?

These are important things you should consider:

Voltage. This is the first element to take into account. For example, in the U.S most swimming pools are using 120 volt lights, although there are a few places in Maryland having other requirements. Be careful when selecting your pool lights; make sure you read the label before buying.

Cord Length. When buying underwater pool lights you need to make sure you buy a cord that is long enough to reach the junction box, in addition to 3 or 4 feet of cord coiled up inside the niche. The extra cord is needed so you can have enough slack to pull the light up on deck for bulb replacement or any other maintenance task you may require.

Niche Size. Something else to consider when replacing this product is that there is no standard size for niches and they all vary by an inch or so. The most common brands have different diameter in terms of light niches, which fit different sized underwater pool lights. For maximum results, please make sure that you are replacing the product with the same exact pool lights.


Our advice is that this procedure is performed by qualified personnel only. Remember that working with electrical wiring can be hazardous. Please, use an electrical test meter to verify that the power is off before you open the junction box and start replacing the underwater pool lights. In addition, read all instructions and make sure you have understood all the precautions need to handle your new lights before any installation attempt.

Study the owner’s manual for specific instructions and cautions. After that, start by turning off the power at the breaker panel conceived for pool equipment. If there is more than one breaker, then turn them all off.

When you are sure the power is off, drain the pool and locate the light junction box. Take into account that older pools with underwater pool lights may have the junction box located beneath the rear of the diving board, and in the case of the very old ones it may be located in the pool deck, beneath a steel plate.

Now you just need to remove the pool light from the light niche and cut the cord just behind the underwater pool lights disconnected from the cord. Inspect visually and close-up where the cord leaves the light niche.

Now it is time to return to the junction box and remove the saddle clamp that is holding the pool light cord in place. Make sure to grab the light cord firmly in the junction box, and then pull it straight up. We need to be careful in this step.

Replace the saddle clamp that holds the light cord in place at the junction box.

Coil up the excess cord around the new pool lamp and insert the underwater pool lights in the niche.

Please remember that the replacement of this kind of products should be performed by a qualified person, with experience with electricity. Your best option is to hire a well-established pool company.

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