Contemporary swimming pools and spa designs that increase your home value

Looking for modern swimming pool designs for your house? Are you looking for the ultimate design to enhance your home´s value in the market? If it is so, continue reading and discover the existent options to create contemporary swimming pools and spa that you will love. Just by adding some extra features you can transform your home into a jewel. The latest contemporary designs conceived for pools and spas make possible a new concept of luxury and comfort.

Why to redesign?

Modern designs for spas and pools can be improved in different ways. There are architectural designs including furniture, yard landscaping and lighting ideas that can dramatically change contemporary swimming pools and spas. The latest trends in 2015 show how much you can improve your home look just by adding such extra features that will turn your pool into a major attraction in your own home and will be the entertaining center if you ever decide to host a party or a social event.

It is true that a good location helps to sell a house or a property faster. But if you redesign your pool or create a spa inside your house while following the ultimate trends you will have added some extra cash to your pocket showing a chic and luxurious asset that will potentially attract anyone. Don´t be afraid for the money you need to invest, you can do big increases on you home value on a budget.

How to create a contemporary swimming pool and spa?

Now I want to share all these tips concerning new designs for pools and spas. Give space to charm, comfort and luxury. These ultimate trends are basically related to some architectural elements, as well as yard landscaping ideas, other contemporary solutions, and new ideas in terms of interior design and the ultimate materials that turn 2015 homes into elegant, stylish and fabulous places to live.

LED lights and pools

The latest trends point to modern swimming pools with waterfalls and widely decorated spaces with creative and colorful LED lighting systems. This new ideas in light using creates exciting, exclusive and amazing reflecting effects on the water. With this stuff, you need to avoid the excess. Remember, you want something nice and luxury.

Rooftop swimming pools surrounded by rooftop gardens

This new design conceives rooftop pool, roofed terraces and rooftop gardens as a modern approach to offer a creative, functional and beautiful house that is able to exhibit incredible and spectacular views to visitors.

Other water features and related ideas

You can add some Koi fish ponds and waterfalls to your pool, as well as amazing design ideas like indoor and outdoor fountains, which can be professionally designed. Another amazing 2015 designs include the ultimate garden layouts, along with stone wall designs and pool side paths, flowers and shrubs. Your pool can also be decorated with natural wood combined with concrete and stones.

All these new ideas invite to a comfortable and chic place that may be seen as expensive, but we will make sure you have the best design according to your budget. Please contact us for any question you may have. You can visit our website or call us.

Swimming pool builders in Miami explain cloudy pool water

If you’re a pool owner, you most likely want to enjoy your pool without debris or murky water hindering your experience. You have probably invested a lot of time and money into making your pool a personal paradise, and keeping your pool clean is one of the responsibilities that comes with having your own pool. Luckily, swimming pool builders in Miami say that causes of cloudy pool water have easy solutions that anyone can use to get their pool looking clear again in no time.

Common Causes

Swimming pool builders in Miami say that poor filtration and circulation, a pH imbalance, or inadequate chlorine levels cause most instances of cloudy water. • Your filter and/or pump might need replacing, or just some minor repairs or service. If the filter or pump hasn’t been serviced and maintained properly, the filter may have a buildup of bacteria and other contaminants, which means the pump is recirculating dirty water. A full strainer on the pump might obstruct water from reaching the pump and cause poor circulation. Failure to run the filter long enough, or inconsistent backwashing of the filter can also cause cloudy water, according to swimming pool builders in Miami. • In swimming pool service and repair, swimming pool builders in Miami say that a pH imbalance can also cause cloudy pool water. When the pH level in the pool is too high from a chemical imbalance, cloudy water, calcium buildup, dry, itchy skin, and burning in the eyes and nose can occur. Swimming pool service and repair experts recommend a pool pH between 7.2 and 7.8. • If chlorine levels are too low, algae and other microbes can multiply rapidly, creating a cloudy haze over the pool water. In swimming pool service guides, recommended chlorine levels are between 1.0 and 4.0 ppm.


Filter and Pump

• Check the filter for worn or broken parts, and replace if needed. • Increase filter running time if necessary (8 hour daily minimum) • Backwash your filter until the water is running clear • Clean a dirty filter with a filter and cartridge cleaner. • Check the strainer basket in the pump and empty if necessary

Balancing the pH levels

Adding an acid to the pool will reduce pH levels and clear up cloudy water, according to swimming pool builders in Miami. • These acids are commonly used in swimming pool service and repair to correct cloudy water: muriatic acid, sodium bisulfate, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid. The acid is usually mixed with water before putting it in pool water

Adding chlorine

Depending on how many gallons of water your pool can hold, the level of chlorine needed will vary from pool to pool. Swimming pool service and repair, most experts and swimming pool builders in Miami recommend 1-4 ppm. • After a heavy rain, which causes acid levels to rise and chlorine levels to drop very low, you will probably need to shock your pool and refill the chlorinator if it has reached zero.