Don’t make this silly mistake with your swimming pool lights

You should be very careful about repairing your swimming pool. There are many people that have committed the mistake of trying to repair the swimming pool lights by themselves and some accidents have occurred due to their lack of knowledge in terms of pool repair.

Replacing a bulb

This is probably the most common repair in swimming pool lights. First you need to pull the lamp out of the niche, and then remove the clamp band. Be careful with old, soft brass screws. Use spray lubricant first, and use the proper size screwdriver to make sure you don´t strip the head or even break off the screw head.

When the clamp or nuts or screws are removed, proceed to separate the lens/gasket from the lamp housing. In this step a flat head screwdriver is generally used which should be inserted between the gasket and the lamp housing. Next, pry the lens/gasket from the housing. In case you don’t have a new lens gasket, be careful with it. It is advisable to replace the lens gasket at the same time as replacing a bulb, but you can also reuse the old gasket, depending on its condition.

Repair leaking pool light niches.

This is probably the second most common repair regarding swimming pool lights. Concrete and vinyl pools generally use a light niche that resembles a sideways bucket with a small hole in the upper back for the light cord to run through. This port on the light niche is commonly connected to a gray pvc conduit, usually 3/4″ diameter. The conduit runs up towards the deck, then, it passes under the deck to a point where it can turn upwards and come up to a junction box, there, your pool light cord meets the power wires from the breaker panel. But after months or years of usage a conduit can leak, especially due to shifting pool or ground, or even freeze damage. The conduit immediately cracks or becomes separated from the niche. That´s why you need to check this when you open your pool and if you see that its water level is at the top of the swimming pool lights, then it means that your pool is leaking water through the pool light conduit and needs to be repaired.

In the case of leaking swimming pool lights you can use a big handful of pool putty – about half a package – in order to build a cone around the point where the light cord is placed. You can also use another method consisting in using a silicone product; however this is not recommended underwater.

If  you choose to use the silicone to repair the leaking through the swimming pool lights be careful not to shoot too much into the conduit, because it will make a future pool light replacement to be more difficult. The third method is to use a cord stopper, but the best method to repair your swimming pool lights is to call for the aid of the professionals. Please remember that you have to be very careful when working with electricity and water. Make sure you follow every possible safety precaution and turn off the power at the main circuit breaker when doing any kind of work related to swimming pool lights.

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