Best company in Miami: Swimming pool designs for luxury homes

You don´t have a swimming pool yet? Or, is it too small? If you have a luxury home then, you need a luxury pool. And, if you are looking for the best company in town to build the best pool ever you just need to know that we are here to make your project real.

We are the best company in Miami, expert professionals with the required tools and equipment for the job. You can get all the perks, without the cost when choosing our experienced service.

We assure the best in terms of quality, cost and time. Building a luxury pool with our company is not as expensive as it may seem. We make sure that you get the best budget for everything and at the same time you can have something to be proud of.

We can add new features to your swimming pool like saunas, hot tubs or special decorative touches. We build pools that are an invitation to relax and enjoy the ultimate swimming experience. Our products offer a new approach to give you more than the traditional swimming pools can provide.

Luxury and design

We make possible that your luxury swimming pool can have spas and hot tubs since they are easy to be replicated in your own home. How is it possible? It is simple; we just add a hot tub to your backyard so that you can enjoy the ultimate luxury experience. Please remember that our designs and works always come along with the respect for your pocket.

Indoor pools

Another way to increase your home luxury is by building an indoor pool. In case you don´t have a room or the money to create the indoor pool, you could save some money with us and build an outer structure that could be added to your current pool setting. Luxury is possible just by adding a wooden deck and high walls surrounding the pool. This is the best design to increase privacy and quietness. We also have designs that include eating and entertaining areas around the pool so you can maximize your pool experience.

Another design that enhances your pool´s luxury status is by simply adding ceramic tiles, floating or underwater lights, or even the latest designs for pool fiberglass. Our company offers all this and much more so your pool turns into a fantasy experience you can enjoy every day.

Remember that a residential pool – inside or outside the house – is a valuable asset which gives more value to your home. Owning a pool can be translated into personal wellness and fitness and even to be able to enjoy a higher living standard. A pool is always helpful for you to stay healthy and in addition it quickly turns into your home´s main attraction.

When building pools we plan everything, from ventilation to heating requirements depending on the size and the design of your swimming pool. We provide different designs varying from the classical ones to the more customized.

If you want to build a luxury pool you just need to contact us. For more information please visit our website or call us. We are always ready to help you.

How to decide on contemporary swimming pools and spas for home

When a person thinks about life’s most lavish lifestyle, few swimming pools and spas are the choice which does acquire the topmost position in the wish list. It is one of the grand and opulent things to own.

It not only adds to the status of the possessor but also amplifies the glory and surroundings of the home.

Priced Possession

Swimming pools and spas could be your favorite place in the house. They have extraordinary and phenomenal looks which can attract and impress friends, family and anyone coming to the house. Everyone would fall for it at its first glance. This is what a magic of swimming pool and spa is.


You have a wide variety of designs to choose from and the size will depend on the area available. For instance, customized pool is a pool which does not have any specific or peculiar form. This speciality makes it one of the most preferred ideas. As owner, you are free to decide and customize the shape: Roman, Kidney, Oasis, Jamaica, Diamond, etc. One does not need much big pools for the home.

Other most basic shapes are what we see commonly for many years and would never get out of fashion is rectangular, circle, oval and square shaped pools. The simplicity yet modish look it gives enlarges the elegance of your dream home.

Costs and extras

Depending on the money you want to invest, the size of the pool can be decided as large pools would need the addition of finance from your locker. Even the depth of the pool is not much needed when built in a home unless and until you are planning to dive option in the pool. For that one can go for L- shaped pools adjusting the depth from an average too deep for diving respectively. You can also add features like lights, bubbles on the top, and fountains which would amaze you with its appearance.

Incredible benefits

Swimming pools and spas have spectacular health benefits, according to researchers and specialist. It provides hydrotherapy which is very beneficial in this life full of tensions and work. Hydrotherapy is basically a therapy where hot water, cold water and steam is used to treat physical and mental problems. It not only relaxes you but also freshens up your mind. You feel energized after spending an hour in the pool. It takes all your tiredness far away from you. It has a soothing effect on inflamed and paining joints and muscles. Addition of essential oil and herbs can have many therapeutic effects on the person. Hot water is used to deal with stress, whereas cold water to reduce any inflammation.


Swimming pools and spas could be among the few things that could be responsible for a great positive change in the life, in case you are a frequent or regular user. So, one can choose from a wide range that suits best to your home and budget.

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How to save money on pool construction

I don´t mean that you have to recycle your toilet paper, but in this article I will help you to spend your money in a more efficient way, so you don’t end up wasting most of your money in things you don´t need on a pool construction.

Here are some tips to help you save money:

-What kind of pool do you really need? Taking this into account will save you a lot of money on pool construction. Before conceiving your project of having a pool you may think about the use you will give to it: do you swim laps, or just like to cool off and splash around with your friends? Remember that much of the enjoyment of a pool is just being around water. If you think again about this you will realize that you don´t spend so much time in the pool as you may think.

-Location. This is a key element in order to save money on pool construction because it can affect how you use it or whether you enjoy it at all. That´s why it is very important to carefully plan the location. When a pool is well located it turns into an entertainment center at home. Try not to place your pool too far from your house because it won´t be attractive and won´t be charming at all. So, keep in mind to locate your pool close to your house, just a few steps away and turn it into a relaxation center at home. Place it close to dining areas or outdoor barbecues.

If there is no other option but to place your pool away from home, then consider putting in a cabana for changing and have some housing entertainment. You can choose to use a bar refrigerator or a stereo system and place a poolside dining or a barbecue if possible. The idea is to conceive the pool with some entertainment next to it. This is very useful on pool construction.

-Size. This is another important element to take into account on pool construction. It matters, but it isn’t everything. Please, build a pool that you will really use, otherwise you will be wasting your money. Remember that the bigger the pool is, the more expensive it gets and off course you will need to invest more chemicals and money in it.

-Depth. It is a mandatory element on pool construction. Do you like diving? If it is your case then you have to go deep for you not to break your neck in a shallow pool. But if you have small children then you have to consider not going so deep on pool construction to avoid any possible accident with your kids.

-Safety. Remember that children are often fascinated by water. Then you need to take measures on pool construction to avoid home accidents. It is a fact that every year, many children drawn in private swimming pools. If this is your case, you may need a fence or an alarm so that you prevent toddlers from going directly into the pool. Pool alarms supposedly send off a signal when the sound of someone falling in the pool is heard underwater. Remember that pool safety is no laughing matter, and a fun pool day can turn into a horrid nightmare.

-Maintenance. This is something everything needs.. Think carefully about this. If you think you are not handy with pumps and other things, then you may count on us for any maintenance your pool may require.

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