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3 amazing swimming pools by celebrities who own them

A swimming pool is always a home element that provides a space for relaxation and entertainment. Having the ultimate trend in swimming pool provides you with the unique opportunity of showing charm and glamour while being the host of any social event. Your guests will be delighted by this refreshing element that will turn into your house´s major attraction.

 Glitz surrounds celebrities in Hollywood. There is a special place for pools in their daily lives because of the constant social events they host in their houses. Besides being a celebrity means you have to constantly deal with the media, cameras, etc. So they always have their houses prepared for being seen by visitors (of course, most of these visitors are friends or special guests).

Celebrities can give you many ideas for modern swimming pool designs. There are architectural designs that include excellent works on furniture, yard landscaping and LED lighting, which can dramatically help you when designing any swimming pool or spa for your own house.

 Most celebrities prefer the ultimate trends in pool design, as well as the most contemporary ideas and materials resulting in unique home elements, turning their properties into elegant, stylish and fabulous places to live. All these designs used by celebrities invite to enjoy a comfortable and chic place. The budget? It doesn´t have to be as so expensive as you may think. Now let´s enjoy three amazing swimming pools by celebrities who own them:


Cher is one of the well-known celebrities for having a flamboyant style. She owns a Malibu house that can be described as “spectacular”. Their house was built after her love for Moroccan architecture. It is a tremendous property with 13,000-square-foot home features. She also owns an amazing swimming pool located on the top of a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The idea of this design is that it seems to connect the swimming pool to the Pacific Ocean. The pool also offers a view of endless water in a clear allusion to the world´s largest ocean. Cher´s swimming pool is surrounded by limestone columns and arched terraces. This design offers an amazing view and architecture, and can be also perceived as an Italian Villa.

 John Travolta

Although John Travolta owns several homes across the country we will focus on his house in Ocala, Florida, where he really lives. This property could be considered to be a masterpiece of modern mid-century architecture. Its flowing curves, glass and its private runway for the actor´s two airplanes are the most outstanding elements along with its swimming pool, which has been designed following a geometric shape that complements the home’s architecture. The design conceives the pool located to the rear of the house and surrounded by palm trees, a jacuzzi, a water slide and even temperature controls.

 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston´s 8,500 square-foot property includes a vineyard, wine cellar, outdoor kitchen and a gorgeous terraced pool. The house exhibits a mid-century architecture with straight lines reflected in the pool’s design. The pool is surrounded by scoring concrete to emphasize the house´s hard surfaces and rectangular shapes. The overall design along with the pool is simple, but sophisticated.

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