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Resurfacing your aging Swimming Pool with Mosaic Glass Tiles

The use of mosaic glass tiles to resurface older swimming pools, has become hugely popular over the last decade or so. Forever Pools of Miami, Florida had been leading the way, in the use of mosaic glass tiles, as a means of providing innovative and creative pool renovation. Forever Pools, with over 18 years’ experience, […]

Cantilevered Coping Forever Pools

3 amazing swimming pools by celebrities who own them

A swimming pool is always a home element that provides a space for relaxation and entertainment. Having the ultimate trend in swimming pool provides you with the unique opportunity of showing charm and glamour while being the host of any social event. Your guests will be delighted by this refreshing element that will turn into […]

Why select the best company in Miami for swimming pools installation

Are you in the market for swimming pool building? If it is the case, thanks for reading, it means that you have been looking and you finally found what you look for: us. We know that choosing your pool builder company in Miami is a major decision regarding your pocket, so we pay close attention […]

Contemporary swimming pools and spa designs that increase your home value

Looking for modern swimming pool designs for your house? Are you looking for the ultimate design to enhance your home´s value in the market? If it is so, continue reading and discover the existent options to create contemporary swimming pools and spa that you will love. Just by adding some extra features you can transform […]

Trends you might have missed about luminescent glass tiles pools

Glass is a very used material in home decoration, buildings, spas and it is even included in the latest swimming pool trends across the world. Glass has been always a key part of humankind and when added to a swimming pool it can help them look more lively and shining. Besides, glass gives a touch […]

Best company in Miami: Swimming pool designs for luxury homes

You don´t have a swimming pool yet? Or, is it too small? If you have a luxury home then, you need a luxury pool. And, if you are looking for the best company in town to build the best pool ever you just need to know that we are here to make your project real. […]

How to decide on contemporary swimming pools and spas for home

When a person thinks about life’s most lavish lifestyle, few swimming pools and spas are the choice which does acquire the topmost position in the wish list. It is one of the grand and opulent things to own. It not only adds to the status of the possessor but also amplifies the glory and surroundings […]

Commercial swimming pool Azul Sensatori Jamaica

Simple ideas for designing a luminescent glass tile pool

Glass as we know is a nebulous and formless solid matter that constitutes a large part in the decoration of homes, buildings, swimming pools, spas, etc. Likewise, the glass tiles are a beautiful invention of humankind. They are mostly used for adding life to a life to a dull looking boring pools leaving bedazzling. The […]